How does it work?

There is a junior G4 method for students 7-12 years old, and a senior G4 method for students 13 years old and up. The program takes 3 to five years to complete depending upon how much time each student decides to commit.

All students will begin in book one. All students will have already studied some of the skills in book one, but no one has covered all the skills that book one has to offer. We will fast track where appropriate and take our time in learning new skills and concepts. I am excited about the G4 method, and I am looking forward to our future guitar studies.

Lessons will still be 30 minutes. The first 15- 20 minutes will be spent studying the G4 method, and the last 10 minutes will be devoted to the students’ musical interests. The goal of the G4 method is to provide each student with the skill sets that will enable them to learn the songs they love, and to become advance level guitarists.