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How to keep your guitar in tune

If you are playing your guitar every day its likely you will have to tune it a few times a week. Guitars will get out tune when you move them from place to place, when the temperature fluctuates, and when you play them as well. If your guitar won’t stay in tune, it’s possible that you may need a new set of strings.

Your guitar will stay in tune longer if it is properly stringed with enough wraps at the tuning peg. That means when you are stringing your guitar the string should wrap around the tuning peg at least three times so that it has enough tension and grip at the peg. Strings may slip when only wrapped once or twice around the tuning peg.

Its common for people with a strong grip to press the strings too hard. Make sure you are pressing just enough to make the note sound clear. Pressing too hard will bend the note and it will sound slightly out of tune.

It’s also possible that your guitar will not stay in tune because of structural issues with the guitar itself. If the guitar is not properly set up and correctly adjusted tuning issues may arise too. Problems with tuning may arise with the nut slots are not cut wide enough to accommodate the string gauge which results in the strings getting stuck in the nut slots. Also, you can have problems with the intonation or the truss rod just to mention a few. It may be helpful to check with a luthier, or guitar tech to help properly adjust the guitar.

You may consider buying locking tuners and a more refined and stable tremolo system to help fix tuning issues as well.

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