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Block Academy of Music Policies


Following is a copy of the Policies that each student/parent/guardian must sign and submit before participating in classes for 2020 going forward. These policies are in place to protect you and/or your child, maintain a professional and friendly environment for all our students, and to protect the Block Academy of Music (the Academy). If you have any questions, feel free to ask in person, or contact the Academy by phone, email or text.

      1. REGISTRATION: Annual registration fee of $50 per family is due at time of registration and is non-refundable.

      2. PAYMENT: Tuition for half hour private guitar lessons is a flat rate of $125 per month per student. Tuition for full hour private guitar lessons is a flat rate of $250 per student per month. Tuition for 45-minute group lessons is a flat rate of $125 per student per month. All tuition will be auto debited from parents’/students’ account in the first week of the month. Credit card denial will result in e-mail notification. Full amount of tuition must be paid prior to the 10th of the month to avoid an additional $10 late fee.
      3. NO REFUNDS: The Academy does not pro-rate, refund or credit accounts. Please note that no additional charge is made when a fifth lesson occurs within a month, nor is there a reduction in tuition fees when fewer than four lessons are held due to a major holiday or absence. Consistent absences do not constitute tuition fees adjustment or assumed cancellation.
      4. WITHDRAWAL: To withdraw from a class, an official withdrawal form must be submitted to the Academy. Verbal withdrawal with an instructor or classmate is not sufficient, and tuition dues will compound should there be a failure to withdraw properly. Withdrawal forms not received before the 15th day of the month prior to discontinuance will result in normal charge of tuition fees for the following month.

      5. CANCELLATION/MAKEUP LESSONS: Students who provide at least 24 hours’ notice prior to missing a lesson may request one makeup lesson per month, schedule permitting. For lessons missed without 24 hours’ notice, make-up lessons may be provided be at the sole discretion of the Academy. Missed lessons do not carry over into the next 30-day period.  No refunds or pro-rated credits will be given for missed classes.

Group classes with fewer than 3 students will be cancelled.

The Academy is dedicated to help inspire, encourage and educate students as they embark on their own musical journey.  Good musicianship requires partnership between student and teacher.  Each student’s progress will depend upon the student’s level of interest, dedication to practicing at home, efforts to explore music outside of lessons, and willingness engage with their guitar. We at the Academy will give our best effort to provide excellent music instruction and insight, and to make each student’s learning experience positive and enriching.